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Pooped Out Another Flash

2009-02-20 07:11:27 by CrispyCrisp

Got another flash up, this is my second, and I worked on it with Dalveil doing most of the voices and quite a bit of animation. Probally took insperation from that crappy advert where that kid insists he "wants to do a poo at pauls house!" anyway hope you all enjoy.

A Shiny New Flash!

2009-02-15 10:42:13 by CrispyCrisp

Just Finished a flash which I based off a comic strip I did. Dosent really make a whole lot of sence but oh well, what you gonna do. Expect a new flash from me soonish, I have been working on one with a friend. We will upload it once its finished, witch hopefully will be within the next week.

A Shiny New Flash!